Th. Metzger is the author of:

Big Gurl - Penguin 1989 / OVO 2012
Shock Totem - Penguin 1990
Drowning in Fire - Penguin 1992
This is Your Final Warning - Autonomedia 1992
Blood and Volts: Edison, Tesla and the Electric Chair - Autonomedia 1996
The Birth of Heroin and the Demonization of the Dope Fiend - Breakout Books 1998
Select Strange and Sacred Sites: the Ziggurat Guide to Western N.Y. Exit 18 Books 2002
Hydrogen Sleep and Speed - Poet's Press 2011

Short nonfiction:
"Transform and Rebel" Loompanics 1992
"Vicious Protoplasm: Eugenics and Modern Sex-War" Loompanics 1994
"Tobacco in Chains" Loompanics 1994
"Dr. Ripper: the Rise of Gynecological Surgery" Loompanics 1996
"This is Your Lobotomy" Loompanics 1997
"Who Put the Coke in Coca-Cola?" Loompanics 1998
"Descent into Hell" 1998
"Masturbational Insanity" Loompanics 1999
"Destroy all Goo-Goos: America’s Forgotten War" Loompanics 1999
"The Satan Sellers" Loompanics 2001
*"Nameless Dread: The Function of Fear in a Controlled Society" Loompanics 2003
"Seized by Meat" Flurb 2007
"The Masonic Dream Engine" Flurb 2008

Short Fiction:
"Black Wax" and "X-Axis Versus Jocko" Semiotexte USA 1987
"All Right, Everybody on the Floor" Semiotexte S.F. 1989
"Downbound Train" Air Fish 1993
"Dark, Dark, Disco Days" Snake Eyes 1993
"Severin Hedz" Shock Rock 1994
"Star Time" Proud Flesh 1994
"Pyre" Fear Itself 1995
"The Meat Specter" Ritual Sex 1996
"Juice Boy Bucktooth Orpha Toy" Shock Waves 1996
"The Fly Room" Love in Vein II 1996
"Sphincter and Sphinx"Flurb #10, 2010

"Cinnabar Charm"
"Red Virgin" Poet's Press 2009
He was a feature writer and columnist for City Newspaper (Rochester, N.Y.) from 1999-2006. He is represented by Christopher Schelling of the Selectric Artists Agency.

In the 1980s, he performed solo under the name Blind Dudu Process.
He has sung with and played tenor sax, ontic trombone, trumpet, guitar and percussion in a number of bands, including:
Metzger, Landers, Seman (1983–1985)
Health and Beauty (1985–1988)
Nemo's Omen (1992–1995)
The Fabulous Rectotem (1996–1999))
The Badenovs (1999–2001)
Invisible Stain Removers (2010- present
The Badenovs produced two CDs: "Step on it Big Boy" and "Fearless Lieder," which feature the following songs written by Metzger:
"Who’s Been Raising the Dead Since I’ve Been Gone?"
"(It’s Time to) Party With Hitler’s Dog"
"Codeine and Corn Liquor"
"I’ll Never Eat Human Flesh Again"
"Dead Pope in the Road"
"Old Devil Spam"
"Stinkmeat Jubilee"
"I am the Other White Meat"
"High On Depression"
"Sweet Empire of Filth"


michael said...

I would LOVE to buy a book of a collection of Th. Metzger's collected short non-fiction pieces. I remember reading Metzger in the Loompanics catalog and it was always stellar.

Over the years - since Dick Cheney rose to power - I've mentioned the essay "Destroy All Goo-Goos," and people say they want to read that after I tell them (that piece haunts me, 20 yrs later), but I don't know where it is. Is it online?

I thought his book _Blood and Volts_ was astonishingly good.

Unknown said...

Similarly, in the early 90s zine world, I somehow ended up ordering several of Thom's books directly from him. "Drowning in Fire" warped/formed my perception almost as much as WSB and Hunter.

He threw in some tiny zines, which led me to discover Urania 235 (or something like that) and I fell in love with a cassette of that tattoo artist's music. Long lost, of course, so if anyone has that music let me know! And Thom needs to write more books, "Blood and Volts" was incredible.