Th. Metzger bio

Th. Metzger has lived is entire life in the Burnt-over District of western York State.

He is the author of:

  • Big Gurl - Penguin 1989
  • Shock Totem - Penguin 1990
  • Drowning in Fire - Penguin 1992
  • This is Your Final Warning - Autonomedia 1992
  • Blood and Volts: Edison, Tesla and the Electric Chair - Autonomedia 1996
  • The Birth of Heroin and the Demonization of the Dope Fiend - Breakout Books 1998
  • Select Strange and Sacred Sites: The Ziggurat Guide to Western New York - Autonomedia 2002

Short nonfiction:
  • “Transform and Rebel” Loompanics 1992
  • “Vicious Protoplasm: Eugenics and Modern Sex-War” Loompanics 1994
  • “Tobacco in Chains” Loompanics 1994
  • “Dr. Ripper: the Rise of Gynecological Surgery” Loompanics 1996
  • “This is Your Lobotomy” Loompanics 1997
  • “Who Put the Coke in Coca-Cola?” Loompanics 1998
  • “Masturbational Insanity” Loompanics 1999
  • “Destroy all Goo-Goos: America’s Forgotten War” Loompanics 1999
  • “The Satan Sellers” Loompanics 2001
  • “Seized by Meat” Flurb
  • “Masonic Dream Egnine” Flurb

Short Fiction:
  • “Black Wax” and “X-Axis Versus Jocko” Semiotexte USA 1987
  • “All Right, Everybody on the Floor” Semiotexte S.F. 1989
  • “Downbound Train” Air Fish 1993
  • “Dark, Dark, Disco Days” Snake Eyes 1993
  • ”Severin Hedz” Shock Rock 1994
  • “Star Time” Proud Flesh 1994
  • “Pyre” Fear Itself 1995
  • “The Meat Specter” Ritual Sex 1996
  • “Juice Boy Bucktooth Orpha Toy” Shock Waves 1996
  • “The Fly Room” Love in Vein II 1996

He was a feature writer and columnist for City Newspaper (Rochester, NY) from 1999-2006.

He has sung with and played tenor sax, ontic trombone, trumpet, guitar and percussion in a number of bands, including:

  • Metzger, Landers, Seman
  • Health and Beauty
  • The Caution Dog Orchestra
  • The Fabulous Rectotem
  • The Badenovs

The Badenovs produced two CDs: Step on it Big Boy and Fearless Lieder, which feature the following songs written by Metzger:

  • “Who’s Been Raising the Dead Since I’ve Been Gone?”
  • “(It’s Time to) Party With Hitler’s Dog”
  • “Codeine and Corn Liquor”
  • “l’ll Never Eat Human Flesh Again”
  • “Dead Pope in the Road”
  • “Old Devil Spam”
  • “Stinkmeat Jubilee”
  • “I am the Other White Meat”
  • “High On Depression”
  • “Sweet Empire of Filth”